Présence Panchounette

Pleased to meet you #7


30 x 23 cm   (11.7 x 9 in)

Published by Semiose editions


Language: English / French

Pages: 76


In stock

To present the artist as a rock star as this deluxe fanzine pretends, seems a bit like stating the obvious in the case of Présence Panchounette, this explosive live band, with their punkish tendencies. 'We are against all the rest and there looks to be a lot of them. Heroism.' They insist with insolent bravado. Between 1969 and 1990, Présence Panchounette dynamited all hierarchies of taste and de-sublimated dominant culture within a conceptual battle, played to the rules using pamphlets, attacks and cultural hijackings / raptures. The intolerable innocence of the mundane is trashed as much as looted: hence a tendency to wallow in cheap trash and to campaign for the cacophony of signs. Music!

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