Navid Nuur

Phantom Fuel


26 x 20 cm   (10.1 x 7.8 in)

Published by Parasol unit


Language: English

Pages: 80


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“a private view into the intricacies of Nuur's artistic practice”

Nuur’s work is based on phenomenological experience. He commonly attributes transformative properties to found objects, thereby repositioning their function, meaning and impact in ways that provide viewers with a whole new experience.

NAVID NUUR: PHANTOM FUEL undoubtedly provided a visual experience, but invariably visitors also found themselves entering a world of discovery. They saw, for example, a work melting, trash becoming theory, a functioning neon tube becoming a grave to part of another, paint becoming a phantom, a split second metamorphosing into jewellery, voice materialising, absence becoming presence, and along with all this movement comes a mandatory experience.

Whilst often sculptural in form, Nuur’s works are neither sculptures nor installations, forms which he considers to be too immobile and rigid to produce the spatial and temporal interaction he wants them to have with their environment and viewers.

Released on the occasion of the exhibition Navid Nuur: Phantom Fuel at Parasol unit, London, 13 March – 2 May 2013, this artist book offers readers a private view into the intricacies of his artistic practice.

Following in the great 20th century tradition of the artist’s book, the publication is based on Nuur’s sketchbooks and documents his practice over a 5 year period. Edited by Dr. Ziba Ardalan, director and curator of Parasol unit, London, the publication incorporates preparatory sketches, notes, drawings and exhibition plans, alongside texts and colour images of works in an energetic collage, making it a fascinating insight into Nuur’s complex conceptual practice.

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