Paolo Scheggi, Agostino Bonalumi

Italian Neo-Renaissance Bonalumi Scheggi


29 x 24 cm   (11.3 x 9.4 in)

Published by Robilant + Voena


Language: English

Pages: 72


In stock

“Italian Neo Renaissance art is considered one of the most interesting and open fields of research for scholars of 20th century art history”

In it's complex, multifaceted and unique character it is the 'visual mirror' of a crucial shift in Italian culture as a while that reconstructed its own plural identity out of the ruins of World War II: by way of the mass culture of the 1960s and through to the present day thanks to the 'absolute power' of creativity. A creativity that not only manifested itself in visual art but which also found expression in many other fields; ranging from industry to architecture, design, fashion, literature, theatre, film, photography and music. It was one of the richest contexts of 20th century culture that developed at high speed towards its future identity.

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