Ian Law

Infirm Arbroath

Limited Edition of 100


18 x 11 cm   (7 x 4.3 in)

Published by Tenderpixel and Tenderbooks


Language: English

Pages: two books, 48 pages each


In stock

“recalling ideas of juxtaposition, complementarity and interrelated parts”

Infirm Arbroath is a book work published by Tenderbooks and Tenderpixel on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Things That Tumble Twice’.

A fiction of sorts, Infirm Arbroath is an arrangement of text made using articles from the International New York Times.

The exhibition looked at the sphere of duality. It recalled ideas of juxtaposition, complementarity and interrelated parts (i.e. matter and its absence, light and darkness, signifier and significant, thesis and antithesis, animate and inanimate objects, 0s and 1s, yin and yang).

The exhibition in its entirety is informed by the principle of multiplicity and unity— as something that cannot be described as the sum of its parts or qualities but as an irreducible whole (i.e. complex systems, hermeneutic circle, organicism, life, a cloud).

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