Irving Penn



35.5 x 30.5 cm   (13.65 x 11.7 in)

Published by Hamiltons


Pages: 104


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Irving Penn presents us with an exceptional vision of forms, tones and patterns in his Flowers series, entwining the beauty of nature with photographic genius.

The series initiated from an assignment by Vogue USA for the 1967 Christmas edition. This became the first of seven summers that Penn would photograph flowers, each year devoting himself to one particular flower: 1967, Tulips; 1968, Poppies; 1969, Peonies, 1970, Orchids; 1971, Roses; 1972, Lilies; 1973, Begonias.

Penn commented, "I... react with simple pleasure just to form and colour, without being diverted by considerations of rarity or tied to the convention that a flower must be photographed at its moment of unblemished, nubile perfection."