Canan Tolon



28 x 21 cm   (10.9 x 8.2 in)

Published by Parasol unit


Language: English

Pages: 198


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“Canan Tolon's creativity is process based and deals with space, time, gravity, and chance interactions between disparate materials”

Tolon’s early interest in the marks left by the processes of growth and transformation over time led her to making works which in her own words are landscapes stripped to their elemental state. Her work on some of these early assemblages of man-made materials initiated some unusual techniques, such as applying coffee grounds or letting grass grow on a canvas, and processes with unpredictable outcomes; for instance, by allowing rust to occur naturally and mix with pigment in her paintings.

To coincide with the exhibition Canan Tolon: Sidesteps, Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art has produced an extensive publication offering an overview of the artist’s work to date. The publication includes full-page colour reproductions of the works in the show and is supplemented by other images illustrating Tolon’s progression as an artist. It features an interview between the artist and Dr. Ziba Ardalan, director and curator of Parasol unit, London as well as two essays by Bill Berkson and John Yau.

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