Arcangelo Sassolino

Matter revealed


26 x 19.5 cm   (10.1 x 7.4 in)

Published by Repetto Gallery


Language: English and Italian

Pages: 64


In stock

“Sassolino explores the limits and infinite possibilities of shape and the contrast between staticity and dynamism”

This book catalogues Sassolino’s practice as he explores the limits and infinite possibilities of shape and of the contrast between staticity and dynamism, strength and resistance and equilibrium and breakage. When a visitor comes into contact with Sassolino’s works, they experience those moments in which the waiting for something about to happen pervades the environment: one is thus always convinced of being on the verge of a threatening event that may bring a precarious and estranging stasis to an end.

Arcangelo Sassolino’s works are characterised by a clear reference to a sense of constant tension, almost an imminent danger that looms over the visitor: the choice of the materials, their conformation and the positioning of the works within the space are designed to convey to the visitor an extreme sense of precariousness and instability.

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