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Hauser & Wirth announces representation of Allison Katz

September 29, 2022

Hauser & Wirth announced today that the gallery now represents artist Allison Katz, in collaboration with Gió Marconi, Milan, Antenna Space, Shanghai and dépendance, Brussels.

Allison Katz (b. 1980, Montreal, Canada) has over the last decade emerged as a pioneering voice in contemporary painting, achieving critical acclaim for her genre-defying works which embrace the mutability of images and explore the tensions between what is conveyed and what is perceived. Her practice is rooted in a personal, biographical approach to found imagery and art historical references, combined with irreverent wit, wordplay and humor. From cocks (the bird) and cabbages, to self-portraits and bodies in pieces, Katz’s vivid and idiosyncratic emblems call into question painterly subjectivity and selfhood, as well as the slippery nature of meaning. Her precisely made works shift in style, technique and materiality, often rejecting formal categorization to develop a practice that examines the conventions of the medium, the myths surrounding the role of the artist and that of the exhibition.

Architectural interventions are an integral part of Katz’s practice; her highly considered spatial environments combine paintings, posters and ceramics to produce unique encounters and perspectives. She creates a flow of subtle choreography in alignment with the imagery depicted. By engaging with site-specific conditions, Katz compels the viewer to create connections between her disparate works, giving way to poetic order amidst a proliferation of visual references. Recent works and exhibition titles have alluded to such networks of connection and communication more literally, whether in reference to bodily arteries and the circulation of blood, the canals and systems of transportation in Venice, or the transmutation of an object as it moves from sculpture to photography to painting. Her canvases are, as Katz explains, ‘active locations’ with ‘possible entrances and exits,’ calling attention to the multiple layers of consciousness that reside in a painting’s surface and subject.

Katz’s first exhibition with Hauser & Wirth, featuring new work by the artist, will take place in autumn 2023 in Los Angeles. Early next year, Katz will participate in an artist’s residency at Hauser & Wirth Somerset.

photo: Eva Herzog

Sylvie Patry joins kamel mennour as the gallery’s Artistic Director

September 28, 2022

Kamel Mennour is pleased to announce the appointment of Sylvie Patry as the gallery’s Artistic Director.

With more than twenty years of experience in the art world behind her, Sylvie Patry has formerly held leading positions in top institutions including the Musée d’Orsay, where she has until now been the Deputy Director for Collections and Curatorial Affairs, and the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, where she acted as Gund Family Chief Curator/Deputy Director for Collections and Exhibitions — a rare appointment for a French curator.

She notably oversaw developing The Barnes Foundation towards its current configuration, while keeping up a close dialogue with past and present artists.

As kamel mennour’s Artistic Director, Sylvie Patry will contribute to the conception of new projects, strengthening and expanding the gallery’s development in the cultural, contemporary, and publishing spheres. With her many working partners around the world, Sylvie Patry will broaden the gallery’s global influence.

She will begin her new role at kamel mennour on December 2022.

photo: Archives kamel mennour

Bernar Venet joins Perrotin

September 26, 2022

Perrotin is pleased to announce the representation of Bernar Venet. The gallery will exhibit one of his large sculptures at its booth at Paris+ par Art Basel at the Grand Palais Éphémère this October before organizing a major exhibition dedicated to his work in its three Paris spaces in the Marais and Avenue Matignon in March 2023.

“Bernar Venet is a renowned pioneer of Conceptual Art; his work has long been exhibited around the world and is highly regarded by a wide range of art connoisseurs. It is a great privilege for us to embark on this new adventure with him and we are very proud to offer him the space for his much-anticipated return to Paris. We intend to continue promoting his work at the highest level.” Emmanuel Perrotin

“It’s a real honor to represent Bernar Venet, whose demanding and powerful work has traversed the major artistic movements of the second half of the 20th century. His prolific production never ceases to amaze us, and we are delighted to showcase it.” Tom-David Bastok and Dylan Lessel

“Committing to Perrotin gallery, to Emmanuel, Dylan, and Tom-David, is a crucial decision for me, opening a new chapter in my career full of dynamism, shared enthusiasm, risk-taking in my current projects, and confidence in my future work. I trust them completely, and the projects for autumn and spring will reflect this.” Bernar Venet

photo: © Laura Stevens

Pharoah Sanders 1940-2022

photo: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

The Artist Room now represents Kristy M Chan

September 22, 2022

The Artist Room is pleased to announce representation of Kristy M Chan (b.1997) who lives and works in London.

Kristy M Chan’s paintings explore how environments form our sense of self. Born in Hong Kong and now living in London, previous works have dissected the uncanny and alienating sense of displacement one can experience when navigating between Eastern and Western cultures.

Chan’s assertive, dynamic and energetic paintings synthesise together dissonant, adventitious and sometimes surreal junctures she experiences, while simultaneously conjuring the dizzying cadence of contemporary life. Chan has likened the instinctive process of juxtaposing tones and textures as similar to the Japanese flower-arranging process Ikebana; which promotes the concept of negative space as of equal importance to positive space.

Rooted in autobiographical narratives, her paintings, which she names ‘stolen realities’, all depart from unexpected encounters she finds significant – often resonating with her for extended periods before ultimately inspiring a new work. ‘Whenever I'm painting,’ she recently explained. ‘The subject arrives from the emotions that I associate with certain events or experiences.'

Binge, her second solo exhibition with The Artist Room, will take place in October 2022.

Galleria Continua announces representation of Carlos Cruz-Diez

September 20, 2022

A major protagonist of contemporary art, all-round and social artist, and pioneer of kinetic art, Carlos Cruz-Diez (1923-2019) was an undisputed master of colour. Throughout his career, he experimented with and developed a large number of researches that remain emblematic of his artistic language.

Carlos Cruz-Diez defined himself first and foremost as a painter, listening to the profound societal changes happening around him, in Venezuela and in the world. From the beginning, he was interested in the invention of a new work, requiring the constant search for unconventional techniques and technologies, which would come to play a key role in his approach. From 1994, this placed him in the avant-garde of the digital revolution that would follow, allowing the public to create unique, computer-assisted works from his characteristic palette.

He figures among the most prolific artists of his time in the urban space. His works are designed to reach a large audience and to be part of everyday life. As a result, several hundred of his creations can be found scattered across the globe, occupying spaces that have since become iconic such as Caracas airport in Venezuela, or Place du Venezuela in Paris. In France, they are an integral part of the cultural heritage of cities like Clermont-Ferrand, Cambrai, Villetaneuse or La Roche-sur-Yon. Even today, his works lend a special glow to the façades of Prada stores in Asia, part of an homage paid to him by the brand.

GALLERIA CONTINUA will present iconic and unpublished works of Carlos Cruz-Diez in the upcoming highlights of international contemporary art: Frieze Masters in London (12-16 October) and Paris+ par Art Basel (20-23 October) – including in particular a monumental work never before shown to the public as part of the “hors-les-murs” circuit in the Jardin des Tuileries.

Gideon Appah joins Pace Gallery

September 16, 2022

Pace Gallery announce the representation of Gideon Appah, known for his dreamlike and enigmatic paintings, drawings, and mixed media works often exploring Ghanaian history and popular culture.

Born in Accra, where he continues to live and work, Appah interlaces visual fragments from modern-day Ghana with his own imagination in the fantastical figurative scenes that make up his paintings. Drawing from childhood memories, family photographs, dreams, newspapers, comic books, Ghanaian cinema, and other sources, Appah forges idiosyncratic compositions that balance deeply personal, introspective themes with lingering ambiguities.

Hauser & Wirth announces representation of Pat Steir

September 15, 2022

Hauser & Wirth is honored to announce worldwide representation of renowned American artist Pat Steir.

Among the great innovators of contemporary painting, with a lifelong commitment to drawing and printmaking, Steir first came to prominence in the late 1970s and early 1980s for her iconographic canvases and immersive wall drawings. By the late 1980s, her inventive approach to painting – the rigorous pouring technique seen in her ‘Waterfall’ works, in which she harnessed the forces of gravity and gesture to achieve works of astonishing lyricism – attracted substantial critical acclaim. Informed by a deep engagement with art history and Eastern philosophy, and a passion for artistic advocacy in both visual and literary realms, Steir’s storied five-decade career continues to reach new heights through an intrepid commitment to material exploration and experimentation.

Steir’s first exhibition with Hauser & Wirth and first show in New York since 2017, ‘Blue River and Rainbow Waterfalls’ will open on 10 November 2022 at the gallery’s 22nd Street location. The presentation will span the building’s entire ground floor space with a series of vibrant new large-scale paintings. A program of performances celebrating the new work is planned to accompany the exhibition.

LGDR welcomes multidisciplinary artist Lina Iris Viktor

September 14, 2022

LGDR is delighted to announce that the gallery is now working with Liberian-British multidisciplinary artist Lina Iris Viktor.

In London, Viktor’s work is on currently on view in the gallery’s exhibition Rite of Passage: Lina Iris Viktor with César, Louise Bourgeois, Louise Nevelson, and Yves Klein through October 29, 2022, and in the group exhibition In the Black Fantastic at the Hayward Gallery through September 18, 2022.

Viktor’s first solo exhibition with LGDR will debut in Paris in 2023.

The artist currently lives and works between Naples and London. Her distinct visual language has achieved critical acclaim for its deft mingling of disparate materials and methods to activate diasporic histories and mythologies. Viktor’s work, which merges performance, painting, and sculpture, and photography, often incorporates water gilding with 24-karat gold, an ancient technique she has deployed over the past decade to embed ‘layers of light’ into the surfaces of her work, as displayed in the celestial effects of her ongoing Constellations series (2016–ongoing).

Viktor’s influences range from African symbolism found in both ancient Egypt and contemporary Mali, to classical astronomy and European portraiture. Her works involve philosophical commentary that addresses both the physical and spiritual realms, and an expansive approach to the use of black. Viktor’s lexicon employs color as a conduit: lustrous gold to summon spiritual transcendence harkening back to funerary traditions of antiquity; ultramarine in reference to South American, Indian, and North African aesthetics (as well as the “Blue Room” of her former studio); and black as an evocation of the limitlessness of being, of reclamation, and of universality—the “materia prima” and primordial source of life.

The Armory Show’s Carla Acevedo-Yates tells us her top 10 must-see exhibitions

September 9, 2022

The Armory Show's Carla Acevedo-Yates talks to us about her selection process for this year's Focus section and tells GalleriesNow her top 10 must-see exhibitions on during the fair.

The selection process for this year’s Focus section consisted of two different methodologies: a personal invitation to galleries who represent artists that I am interested in and whose work aligns with my concept for the section; and unsolicited submissions by galleries which I reviewed and assessed in relation to the themes and the other artists already selected.

For me it was very important to have a diversity of voices and perspectives, and a wide array of mediums and approaches. Artists were not chosen because of their ethnic, racial, or geographic identifications. There are Latinx, Latin American, Caribbean, Black diaspora, African, and other artists whose work dialogues under a Global South conversation, for lack of a better term. The overarching concept that unites the work of these artists relates to what I consider to be our preconceived notions of the landscape as something naturally occurring, when it is in fact constructed, socially, politically, and culturally. In all the works included in the section, the landscape is simultaneously physical, personal, and geographic, where a range of historical and cultural processes collide. What I am calling South-South ecologies within this context is precisely this collision of intersectional issues surrounding the environment, which includes race, gender, and power relations.

Andrew Kreps - Julien Creuzet


David Nolan Gallery - MAD WOMEN: Kornblee, Jackson, Saidenberg, and Ward | Art Dealers on Madison Avenue in the 1960s


GRIMM - Claudia Martínez Garay: Ghost Kingdom


Hutchinson Modern - Juan Sánchez


Michael Rosenfeld Gallery - William T. Williams: Tension to the Edge, A Selection of Paintings and Works on Paper 1968–1970


Peter Freeman, Inc. - Fernanda Gomes


ProxyCo Gallery - Juliana Cerqueira Leite


Sean Horton (Presents) - Nyugen E. Smith: Bundlehouse: Just When You Thought It Was Safe


Sean Kelly - Anthony Akinbola


Instituto de Visión - Nohemí Pérez

Photo: Carla Acevedo-Yates, Photo by Maria Ponce. Courtesy of The Armory Show.

Awol Erizku now represented by Sean Kelly

September 2, 2022

Awol Erizku’s multi-disciplinary practice encompasses photography, sculpture, painting, and installation to shape a visual language which operates at the intersection of image making and a wider cultural context. Utilizing visual language from African and Black American cultures, Erizku’s work rejects Eurocentric notions of beauty and art history in favor of building his own unique Afrocentric aesthetic, one he refers to as “Afro-esotericism.” Rather than convey any singular entity or narrative, he explores the intersections of ancient mythology, diasporic tradition, and contemporary culture, through his symbolic constellation of images spanning a diverse breadth of media. Often incorporating hip-hop and Trap vernaculars as a springboard for making new connections and meanings, Erizku draws on multiple aesthetic sources including African art, assemblage, realism, conceptual art, and performance. By taking an all-encompassing approach to object and experience making, Erizku weaves alternate narratives that interrogate art history, philosophy, linguistics, and artistic inclusion. On joining the gallery Erizku said, “I’m incredibly excited to work with Sean Kelly and his diverse gallery program.”

Sean Kelly states, “We purchased our first piece by Awol Erizku many years ago for our family collection when he was a student at Cooper Union. We have been close to him and followed his career attentively since that time. We are delighted to welcome him to the gallery and to represent his powerful, engaging, and thought-provoking body of work.”

Contemporary Istanbul announces 2022 galleries

September 1, 2022

Contemporary Istanbul’s 17th edition will be between September 17-22, 2022. The main partner of Contemporary Istanbul is Akbank.

This year the fair is at a new venue, Tersane Istanbul, located in the historical Ottoman-era shipyards on the picturesque shores of the Golden Horn, and recently renovated by the award-winning firm Tabanlioglu Architects. Sixty-five leading galleries and art initiatives from 22 countries will showcase 1,476 artworks by 558 artists. Galleries from Europe and the Middle East are joined by top galleries from North America, Africa, and Asia. Fourteen galleries are participating for the first time: 193 GALLERY, Paris; ANCA POTERASU GALLERY, Bucharest; COLLECT GALLERY, Sofia, Istanbul; FIRETTI CONTEMPORARY, Dubai; HESTIA, Belgrade; HOFA GALLERY, London, Los Angeles, Mykonos; IRAM ART, Ahmedabad; MUSE CONTEMPORARY ART, Istanbul; MUCCIACCIA CONTEMPORARY, Rome; OBLONG CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY, Dubai, Forte Dei Marmi; PRIME CUT CULTURE, Bratislava; ROYA KHADJAVI PROJECTS, New York; WADSTRÖM TÖNNHEIM GALLERY, Marbella, Malmo.

Highlighting the vibrant cultural scene of Turkey, Contemporary Istanbul also features contemporary art initiatives in different regions of the country, including: ARE PROJECTS, Antalya; BAKSI MUSEUM, Bayburt; EKAV, Istanbul; IMALAT-HANE, Bursa; LOADING, Diyarbakir; NOKS ART SPACE, Istanbul; OMM, Eskişehir; VIABLE, Istanbul; VIDEOIST,Düzce, Istanbul. KVARELI FOUNDATION FOR CONTEMPORARY ART from Tbilisi, Georgia will also be present at the fair.


The Yard exhibition in the outer courtyard of Tersane, features 28 site-specific installations and sculptures by artists including Anke Eilergerhard, Ardan Özmenoğlu, Ayla Turan, Bedri Baykam, Bilal Hakan Karakaya, Can Yıldırım, Canan Tolon, Erdil Yaşaroğlu, Ergin Çavuşoğlu, Günnur Özsoy, Güvenç Özel, Halil Altındere, Isaac Chong Wai, Ingravi Desa, Irfan Önürmen, Itamar Gov, Kemal Tufan, Luis Cera, Martian Tabakov, Mehmet Ali Uysal, Osman Dinç, Renée Levi, Sergen Şehitoğlu, Stefano Bombardieri, Uğur Cinel, Vuslat.

During the fair, BMW will present a special edition of the 8 Series Gran Coupe. Created by Jeff Koons, the 8 X JEFF KOONS includes multi-layer paint which takes 285 hours to apply to each car.

As part of the CI Dialogues series, the Contemporary Istanbul Foundation will organize a panel discussion “Testing the Elasticity of the Art Space” during the fair. Moderated by curator Marc Olivier Wahler, the speakers will discuss the art spaces of today and tomorrow.

Alison Jacques announces representation of Jane Dickson

August 31, 2022

Alison Jacques announces the representation of American artist Jane Dickson (b. 1952, Chicago) whose work is currently on view at the Whitney Biennial 2022, co-curated by David Breslin and Adrienne Edwards.

Having moved to New York in 1978, Jane Dickson began work on a series of paintings which would form the basis for a decades-long interest in nocturnal metropolitan landscapes. Predominantly realised in oil stick and acrylic, often on unconventional synthetic materials such as sandpaper and AstroTurf; Dickson’s renderings of strip clubs, casinos, carnivals, demolition derbies, highways and, most notably, life in Times Square, revel in the garish artificiality of a hyper-constructed world.

Dickson’s neon images are influenced by a vast archive of photographs, taken primarily at night, including some taken from her elevated position behind the Spectacolor sign in Times Square, the first such billboard on the square, where Dickson worked as a designer and animator. In 1982, Dickson would initiate ‘Messages to the Public’: an ambitious series of artist commissions from the likes of Keith Haring, Jenny Holzer and Alfredo Jaar that would be conceived for and animated on the board itself.

In the 1980s, Dickson was an early member of the influential collective Colab and presented solo exhibitions at FUN Gallery and Fashion Moda in New York. Work has been acquired by major museums including The Art Institute of Chicago; Brooklyn Museum; Whitney Museum of American Art; Metropolitan Museum of Art; MoMA; Jewish Museum, New York; Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Jane Dickson’s inaugural solo show at Alison Jacques is scheduled to open in Spring 2023.

Tolarno Galleries moves to new gallery space

August 27, 2022

Tolarno Galleries announces the move to a new gallery space - designed by Melbourne architect Peter Elliott AM who in 2017 was awarded Australian architecture’s highest honour, the Australian Institute of Architects’ Gold Medal.

On the top floor of 104 Exhibition Street in Melbourne - right above the current location - the new space will open on 27 August 2022 with “Monkey Business”, the long-awaited exhibition of new paintings by Brent Harris.

Asked about his approach to transforming Level 5 of the 1930s Art Deco building into a space for contemporary art, Peter Elliott says - “each main space has plastered expressed ceiling beams and walls and bare concrete floors producing a sparse but calm interior. Some spaces have an expanded mesh ceiling to mask new services. The main gallery features a large central skylight which changes the mood of the space from day to night”.

Tasked with selecting the latest in museum-quality lighting, Darren Bucknall, Director of Buckford Illumination Group, says - “the new Tolarno Galleries is an emotive uplifting experience. Bathed in natural daylight, the space offers the perfect balance of natural daylight combined with ERCO high quality artificial light (High CRI 4000K) which maximises the true colour and depth of the artwork being displayed”.

“We look forward to welcoming you to our new home, closer to the sky, in Melbourne’s CBD” - Jan Minchin, Director

Brussels Gallery Weekend celebrates 15th anniversary

August 24, 2022

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Weekend, and in recognition of their partnership with GalleriesNow, BGW Director Sybille du Roy de Blicquy highlights 15 exhibitions on in the city during the Weekend.

The Brussels Gallery Weekend is a 4-day event that marks the beginning of the art season every year in September. The next edition will take place from September 8 to 11, 2022.

More than forty galleries and other institutional and non-profit art spaces open their doors to the public to showcase the diversity and richness of Brussels’ contemporary art scene. Within this event, Brussels Gallery Weekend also organises its own exhibition called Generation Brussels which is about highlighting the Brussels young creation not yet represented by a gallery. Every year, the exhibition is curated by a different young guest curator.

This year, the Brussels Gallery Weekend celebrates its 15th anniversary and for the occasion, its meeting point will be located in an exceptional place: the former printing house of the Belgian National Bank. This breathtaking building will host the Generation Brussels exhibition highlighting twelve young Belgian talents, the unique Sculpture Factory exhibition with large-scale sculptures from twelve galleries, as well as workshops, bars, lectures, performances and many other events.

This edition also marks the record number of participants, with 47 galleries and 12 Off Program venues scattered throughout the city. The Brussels Gallery Weekend has become a must in the calendar of professionals and other art lovers, an invitation to dive into the world of contemporary art creation in the heart of the capital of Europe.

Perrotin announces a second space in Seoul

August 22, 2022

Located in the district of Gangnam, Perrotin Dosan Park will open on August 27th, 2022 with an exhibition by Emma Webster, marking the British-American artist’s debut with Perrotin.

The building, comprising two floors and offering exhibition space of about 190 square meters (2,060 square feet), is designed by KIAS (Kentaro Ishida Architects Studio) in collaboration with Yoki Design and Kenny Ho.

Perrotin Dosan Park is the gallery’s eleventh location across seven cities: Paris, Hong Kong, New York, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Dubai. One of the first international galleries to establish an exhibition space in Seoul, Perrotin launched an outpost in 2016 in the historic cultural neighborhood of Samcheong-dong. The gallery’s expansion in South Korea’s capital aims to strategically broaden its roster and strengthen its connections to art communities by augmenting its programming in complementary exhibition locations in both of Seoul’s northern and southern centers.

At Perrotin Samcheong-dong in the original space, Bay Area artist Barry McGee’s first solo show in South Korea is on show from August 5th through September 8th, 2022.

image courtesy of KIAS (Kentaro Ishida Architects Studio), Yoki Design, and Perrotin

Hauser & Wirth collaborates with arts and mental health charity Hospital Rooms

August 18, 2022

During the summer of 2022, Hauser & Wirth hosts a major exhibition showcasing the extraordinary work of arts and mental health charity Hospital Rooms.

Hospital Rooms’ mission is to radically transform the face of mental health care in the UK and beyond, and to generate new knowledge around how the arts operate in the mental health sphere. They work collaboratively with artists, mental health patients and staff, NHS Trusts, universities, and cultural organisations to bring high quality artistic environments and opportunities to people with severe and enduring mental health diagnoses who are held in the most restrictive mental health settings, from Psychiatric Intensive Care Units to Forensic Services. Hauser & Wirth has been a key supporter of Hospital Rooms over the past three years through annual auctions that have collectively raised over £200,000 for the charity. The gallery is now solidifying its partnership with Hospital Rooms through a new commitment to make collective and significant change through a series of events, exhibitions, and fundraising initiatives taking place until 2025.

Photo: Sonia Boyce, Croydon PICU, Courtyard Gate. Photo by Damien Griffiths. Courtesy of Hospital Rooms

Matthew Day Jackson joins Pace Gallery

August 16, 2022

Pace announces the global representation of Jackson, whose decades long explorations of varied histories, technological phenomena, and modes of mythmaking have evolved into a multi-faceted practice spanning sculpture, painting, photography, performance, and installation.

Jackson will have his debut presentation with the gallery in the inaugural edition of Frieze Seoul and his first solo exhibition will be in New York in 2023. Pace will represent Jackson in collaboration with GRIMM Gallery.

Through his expansive practice, Jackson explores a wide range of subjects - historical, futuristic, scientific, spiritual, and fantastical. He uses recognizable American images and iconography associated with LIFE Magazine, the Apollo 11 Moon landing, the American West, the atomic bomb, and more to examine the ways that an inexorable pursuit of a false utopia throughout American history has shaped notions of national identity in the US. Jackson brings his own experience and embodiment of the past and present to the fore of his practice. At the core of his work is a deep interest in finding similarities within binaries and dichotomies, particularly the simultaneity of beauty and horror.

Leaving seemingly no stone unturned, the research and experimentation central to Jackson’s process undermines mythologies of artistic genius connected to signature style. Utilizing a variety of traditional, industrial, and found materials—including Formica, molten lead, and scorched wood—the artist creates new meanings and interpretations. The materials he uses are equally as significant as the conceptual underpinnings of his artworks, and Jackson often aims to upend viewers’ expectations and initial impressions. His layered, complex works invite questions of medium, materiality, and meaning that are only answered through sustained consideration, analysis, and interrogation.

“I am excited to start a new chapter in my career with people I have been friends with for a long time. I am excited to share my work in a great context and within a history of some of the world’s greatest artists.” - Matthew Day Jackson

“We’re thrilled to welcome Matthew Day Jackson to Pace. Matt and I have been friends for many years, and I’ve been following his career since his early exhibitions at institutions like Ballroom Marfa. I’ve always been struck by his engagement with historical, philosophical, and pop cultural subjects—Matt can take a big idea and give it new emotional and personal resonance. Through his multidisciplinary practice, Matt has proven himself to be one of the most versatile and virtuosic artists of his generation. In addition to his vast repertoire of three-dimensional work, Matt has been at the vanguard of digital art for some 20 years. His deeply innovative, experimental approach to art making aligns seamlessly with our program and mission, and we look forward to continuing our longtime and ongoing relationship with GRIMM gallery in sharing his work with our global audience.” - Marc Glimcher, President and CEO of Pace Gallery

Petzel announces new flagship location

August 12, 2022

Petzel is pleased to announce its move to a new flagship location in Chelsea, New York, located at 520 West 25th Street.

Opening in Fall 2022, the move will offer a major expansion, more than doubling the gallery’s footprint. Adding increased visibility and further flexibility for in-person viewings, the three-story building will feature three exhibition spaces, and encompass a custom-built street-level bookstore, multiple private viewing rooms, and a roof terrace with sculpture garden.

Petzel looks forward to the greater level of exhibition planning and enhanced opportunities to support artists that the expansion will allow for.

GRIMM announces expansion to London

August 11, 2022

Opening on 14 September, the gallery’s new space will be located right off Berkeley Square at 2 Bourdon Street in London’s Mayfair.

Marking the third venue in addition to spaces in Amsterdam and New York, the London programme will begin with an inaugural exhibition of new sculptural works by UK multimedia artist Lucy Skaer.

GRIMM represents over thirty international artists. Since its establishment in 2005, it has been the gallery’s mission to represent and support the work of emerging and mid-career artists.

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