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Heather Phillipson’s THE END is unveiled as the 13th Fourth Plinth commission in London

July 30, 2020

The new artwork by artist Heather Phillipson was unveiled on Thursday 30 July, on the Fourth Plinth in London’s Trafalgar Square. Heather Phillipson’s vast physical and digital sculpture tops the Fourth Plinth with a giant swirl of whipped cream, a cherry, a fly and a drone that transmits a live feed of Trafalgar Square. Entitled THE END, it suggests both exuberance and unease, responding to Trafalgar Square as a site of celebration and protest, that is shared with other forms of life. The live feed of Trafalgar Square picked up by the drone’s camera is visible on a dedicated website giving a sculpture’s eye perspective.

Christina and Emmanuel Di Donna, founders of Di Donna Galleries, launch Sélavy, a new gallery concept in Southampton, New York

July 29, 2020

Functioning as a rotating exhibition space viewable from multiple angles through large corner windows, Sélavy presents curated vignettes that combine fine art and design spanning mediums, time periods, and cultures. The inaugural presentation includes bronze sculptures by Jean Arp, paintings by Robert Motherwell and Kenneth Noland, furniture and sculptures by Francois-Xavier and Claude Lalanne, a petite sculpture by Yves Klein, and a tapestry and chess set by Max Ernst, among other works.

Alison Jacques Gallery hosts The Life and Work of Gordon Parks, a conversation between Mark Sealy and Paul Roth

Coinciding with the gallery‘s current exhibition Gordon Parks: Part One (1 July - 1 August 2020), Mark Sealy and Paul Roth will discuss the life and work of Gordon Parks in a virtual talk on Wednesday 29 July at 6pm BST.

Mark Sealy has been Director of London-based photographic arts institution Autograph ABP since 1991. He is interested in the relationships between photography and social change, identity politics, race, and human rights.

Paul Roth is Director of the Ryerson Image Centre in Toronto, Canada. He previously served as Senior Curator of Photography and Media Arts at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. and as Executive Director of The Richard Avedon Foundation.

Gagosian presents the final Artist Spotlight, focusing on Jenny Saville

July 24, 2020

In her depictions of the human form, Jenny Saville transcends the boundaries of both classical figuration and modern abstraction. Oil paint, applied in heavy layers, becomes as visceral as flesh itself, each painted mark maintaining a supple, mobile life of its own. As Saville pushes, smears, and scrapes the pigment over her large-scale canvases, the distinctions between living, breathing bodies and their painted representations begin to collapse.

To conclude the series, Artist Spotlight: Jenny Saville features a new self-portrait made by the artist to commemorate her fiftieth birthday earlier this year. The work will be unveiled on Friday, July 24, at 6am edt.

Galerie Eva Presenhuber presents Positions on Photography, an online-only exhibition benefiting Food Bank for New York City

July 23, 2020

Online until 19 September, Positions on Photography examines myriad approaches to the medium both within our gallery program and beyond, and features Doug Aitken, Walead Beshty, Lucas Blalock, Martin Boyce, Shannon Ebner, Hadi Fallahpisheh, Sam Falls, Peter Fischli David Weiss, Wyatt Kahn, Karen Kilimnik, Diane Severin Nguyen, Torbjørn Rødland, Ugo Rondinone, and Steven Shearer. 10% of gross profits from sales of all works will go to Food Bank for New York City, an independent, non-profit organization.

Annka Kultys Gallery presents Dissimulation, an online exhibition by Bill Posters as part of [The art happens here]

July 21, 2020

Dissimulation is an online exhibition of two ‘deep-fake’ new media works (available to stream until 10 August) that critically interrogate humankind’s relationships with new technologies of power, hierarchies of knowledge and the wider systemic tensions that exist concerning dataism (the ideology related to the primacy of data mining created by the emergence of Big Data), privacy, surveillance capitalism and democracy.

Lisson Gallery screens Dreamachine by Haroon Mirza and Siobhan Coen

Presented as part of the Spotlight Screenings programme, Dreamachine 1/0 is a newly configured strobing, hallucino-sonic, single-channel online experience based on an existing installation, Dreamachine 2.0 by Haroon Mirza and Siobhan Coen. With the original work due to be on show at the Aberdeen Art Gallery this summer, Mirza and Coen have instead worked to digitally transfer their immersive exploration of the transformative effects of pulsing electronic light and sound waves on viewers in a space, allowing visitors an alternative method to experience the dreamlike state.

Timothy Taylor announces a charity sale of works by Shezad Dawood, in support of Stop Hate UK

July 16, 2020

Featuring a selection of prints and catalogues, 100% of proceeds from the sale will benefit the charity directly. Launched in 1993 in response to the racially-motivated murder of London teenager Stephen Lawrence, Stop Hate UK provides advice and support to individuals and communities affected by hate crimes in the United Kingdom.

Jane Lombard Gallery relocates to Tribeca

July 13, 2020

The gallery has announced that after two decades of exhibitions in Chelsea, it will be moving to a new space in Tribeca. Since the gallery’s opening in Soho (originally as Lombard Freid) in 1995, it has presented a global roster of artists whose work explores a wide range of socio-political issues. The new, two-floor, 3000 sq. ft. gallery will be located at 58 White Street, in Tribeca. Designed by Stuart Basseches Architect, it will open in late October 2020 with an exhibition by Dan Perjovschi.

Serpentine presents The Long Time Sessions, a fortnightly Zoom talk series on cultivating care for the world beyond our lifetimes

July 9, 2020

Launched on 9 July, The Long Time Sessions brings together leading thinkers and doers from art, culture, philosophy, science, technology, law, finance and politics to take a longer view. Speakers explore how engaging with the long-term can change the way we act in the short term.

The inaugural event also saw the publication of the Serpentine’s report, Future Art Ecosystems on Art and Advanced Technologies (FAE: AxAT), co-produced with Rival Strategy. On the occasion, FAE collaborators, Ece Tankal and Carmen Aguilar y Wedge of Hyphen-Labs, Marta Ferreira de Sá of Rival Strategy and curator Julia Kaganskiy will discuss strategies for long-termism and the development of artist-led deep time culture, technologies and policies, with Serpentine CTO Ben Vickers.

Fergus McCaffrey launches the third edition of FM Forward with Richard Serra in Japan

June 21, 2020

In conjunction with Richard Serra: Drawings at Fergus McCaffrey Tokyo, the gallery presents the third edition of FM Forward, a digital platform for cultivating insightful connections between artists, their pivotal artworks, and the community.

Richard Serra: Drawings marks the artist's first exhibition in Japan in nearly two decades and the fulfilment of the gallery's mission to re-contextualize his work in the country that, in his own words, "defined his way of seeing." To commemorate this occasion, Fergus McCaffrey presents a short film in which Serra describes the profound influence Japanese aesthetics have had upon his practice.

Gray hosts a poetry reading by Jim Dine

June 20, 2020

On 20 June, the gallery hosted a poetry reading by Jim Dine, live from his studio. The American artist rose to prominence in late-1950’s New York. He played a key role in creating the first “Happenings” and thereafter was closely associated with the Pop Art movement. His diverse body of work defies such easy categorization, however, as it is also understood as seminal to Neo-Dada and Neo-Expressionism. An innovator throughout his long career, Dine is first and foremost known as a visual artist, yet he has accompanied his vast career with an extensive body of poetry that is driven by the same energy that powers his painting and sculptures.

Zabludowicz Collection presents DFW (Down For Whatever), a new IGTV Series for music and art lovers all over the world

June 18, 2020

Curated by Mamiko Motto, the series features a range of international performers and artists with music at the centre of their practice. Join the Collection on Instagram every other Thursday at 5pm.

The Gallery of Everything presents the fourth Artist Focus with works by Heinrich Nüsslein

June 7, 2020

Artist Focus is a series of short essays which consider (re)discovered visual authors with significant bodies of work, and position them in a context within and beyond mainstream culture. Click here to view the presentation.

ArtPassport for art students

June 4, 2020

Netherwood Academy’s Head of Art & Technology recommends our ArtPassport App to students, saying:

“Art students, whilst it is still difficult to get out and about why not download the free Art Passport App where you can take part in virtual gallery tours. You can view a range of artwork without leaving your house – lots of interesting exhibits and lots of information.”

read more about our 5-star rated ArtPassport app here

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GalleriesNow in the Mumbai Mirror

May 29, 2020

The Mumbai Mirror newspaper’s regular “5 things to do today” article, selected GalleriesNow as one of its recommendations today, saying:

“You can view countless exhibitions on their website, [and] for a better VR experience, download their app ArtPassport”

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Galleria Continua launches the third edition of XXL Online

May 20, 2020

The latest issue of Continua XXL Online presents Sun Yuan & Peng Yu and their work “Can’t Help Myself” 2016 – 2019, a work first displayed in 2016 at the Guggenheim New York and then in 2019 at the 58th Venice Biennale “May You Live In Interesting Times”.  Continua XXL Online is an exclusive presentation of some of the gallery artists’ biggest projects. Featuring previously unseen content from Galleria Continua and artists as well as in depth information and insight into production, Continua XXL Online becomes a comprehensive experience in understanding large installations and artworks.

Gmurzynska #BookOfTheWeek

May 18, 2020

Each Wednesday, the gallery presents on Instagram one of the many beautiful books they use for research

galleria continua presents #ContinuaStaffPicks

May 17, 2020

Each week on their Instagram feed the gallery will post an artwork chosen by member of #GalleriaContinua family - a work that is particularly important, beautiful or touching accompanied by the sentiment and thought behind each staff member’s choice.

Parasol unit announces O Sole Mio #7

May 16, 2020

This issue reflects on the many roles played by the sun in our lives and the tension between reality and illusion. It features works by four artists, Darren Almond, Shezad Dawood, Ana Elisa Egreja and Ana Gallardo, with a reflection by Dr Layla Diba.

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