GalleriesNow 7 May 2019
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Hauser & Wirth Modern Art Barakat Contemporary Hamiltons
Marlborough Gagosian A arte Invernizzi Kunsthalle Wien

special events this week

Tue 07 May
Hong Kong, special event: Hauser & Wirth Reading Workshop: A Walk in Louise Bourgeois’s Dreams

Wed 08 May
London, GalleriesNow Collect talk #3 at Sotheby’s: Collecting ceramics and glass

Thu 09 May
Paris, special event: Fondation Cartier Nomadic Night. Action Hero: Oh Europa live radio

Sat 11 May
London, tour: Zabludowicz Collection World Receivers & Rachel Rossin
London, performance: Zabludowicz Collection Fani Parali: The Terrace of Lungs
London, performance: Zabludowicz Collection Puppies Puppies

Sun 12 May
London, performance: Zabludowicz Collection Fani Parali: The Terrace of Lungs

Tue 14 May
New York, talk: Hauser & Wirth In Conversation: ‘Soto. Vibrations 1950 – 1960’
London, talk: The Photographers’ Gallery Artist Talk: Mark Ruwedel

exhibitions opening

Hales: Frank Bowling: More Land Than Landscape
coinciding with Bowling’s major retrospective at Tate Britain, an exhibition celebrating the artist’s sixty-year career of complex and engaging paintings
Hamiltons: Erwin Olaf: Women
photographs of women in Olaf’s highly-polished and atmospheric style, selected by Hamiltons owner Tim Jefferies to celebrate Olaf’s 60th year and his long collaboration with the gallery 
Whitechapel Gallery: Myvillages: Setting the Table: Village Politics
working internationally for more than fifteen years, Myvillages collaborate with rural communities in ways that reflect and engage local cultures, economies and resources
Whitechapel Gallery: ”la Caixa” Collection of Contemporary Art
guest curator Maria Fusco takes master works from Spain’s ”la Caixa” Collection of Contemporary Art in the second of four displays

London auctions
Bonhams London, Knightsbridge:
Asian Art Mon, 13 May (viewing 10-13 May)
Sotheby’s London:
Old Masters Wed, 8 May
Fine Japanese Art Tue, 14 May

Los Angeles
Roberts Projects: The Weight of Matter
each of the artists challenge their own notions of materiality, to dream more deeply, to revolutionize - not the world - but their own personal strategies for living within its coded and ever-shifting reality

Los Angeles auctions
Bonhams Los Angeles:
Made in California: Contemporary Art Wed, 8 May (viewing 3-7 May)

New York
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David Richard Gallery: Elliott Lloyd: Color Wave, Paintings from 1973 to 1977
an exhibition of a seminal series of works by the New York artist in his first solo exhibition with the gallery
David Richard Gallery: Lester Rapaport: Convergence
two series of paintings, realized over thirty years apart, where the New York artist utilizes similar motifs and approaches to explore very different compositions inspired by different internal forces
Findlay Galleries: Gilles Gorriti
Hollis Taggart 507 W 27th St: Highlight: The High Line
works by five contemporary abstract painters, including Ted Gahl, Clare Grill, Margaux Ogden, Gary Petersen, and Matt Phillips, curated by Paul Efstathiou
Leila Heller Gallery: A few of my favorite things..., curated by Jane Holzer
Skarstedt 64th St: Steven Parrino: Paintings & Drawings 1986 - 2003
the first solo exhibition of Parrino’s work at the gallery, in the newly opened second Upper East Side location

New York auctions
Bonhams New York:
African and Oceanic Art Mon, 13 May (viewing 5-13 May)
Impressionist & Modern Art Tue, 14 May (viewing 4-14 May)
Sotheby’s New York:
Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale Tue, 14 May (viewing 3-14 May)
Art of Africa, Oceania and the Americas Mon, 13 May (viewing 3-12 May)

Galerie Ruberl: Michaela Schwarz-Weismann: Second Thoughts
Schwarz-Weismann’s intense portrait series, based on the individual frames from 1973’s filmed interviews with Hannah Arendt, Simone de Beauvoir and Angela Davis
Hilger Next: Úlfur Karlsson: Omnivores

Vienna auctions
Design Tue, 14 May (viewing 8-14 May)

Christophe Guye Galerie: My Garden of Eden

new VR views

new immersive VR views

Jorge Eielson @ Cortesi Gallery 
Coco Capitán @ MEP - Maison Européenne de la Photographie
Ren Hang @ MEP - Maison Européenne de la Photographie
Amadeo Luciano Lorenzato @ Sotheby’s S|2 Gallery
Flávio de Carvalho @ Sotheby’s S|2 Gallery
Gina Pane @ kamel mennour
Michael Queenland @ Maureen Paley
Gardar Eide Einarsson @ Maureen Paley
Lili Dujourie @ Richard Saltoun
Florian Krewer @ Michael Werner Gallery

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exhibitions closing

The Third Line: Rana Begum: Perception and Reflection

Hong Kong
Hauser & Wirth Hong Kong: Louise Bourgeois: My Own Voice Wakes Me Up
Jerry Gorovoy curates the first solo exhibition in Hong Kong of the renowned artist - with work from the final two decades of Bourgeois’ life, including fabric sculptures, hand poses, experimental large-format prints and rarely exhibited holograms
Simon Lee Hong Kong: Heimo Zobernig
a series of new paintings by the Austrian artist in his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong

Alan Cristea Gallery: Gillian Ayres: Song Beneath the Stars
celebrating Ayres’ extraordinary career, spanning fifty years and charting her passion for printmaking
Blain|Southern, Hanover Sq: Joan Snyder: Rosebuds & Rivers
Snyder’s first solo exhibition in the UK, with new and recent paintings, including a group of monumental triptychs and diptychs, offering an insight into the experimentation and visual language for which she is celebrated
David Gill: Fredrikson Stallard: Reformation
monolithic sculptural works made from cardboard, cast in bronze and finished in black, patinated bronze, polished bronze or painted white
Hamiltons: Don McCullin: Proximity
rare and unseen vintage prints dating back to the 50s, from McCullin’s personal archive, in a celebration to coincide with the major retrospective at Tate Britain
HdM Gallery: Lu Chao: Black Dots
the exhibition continues Lu Chao’s trademark investigation into issues of identity and the unknown and mass society versus the individual
Luxembourg & Dayan London: Günther Förg: From and Against Modernism, with a response by Fischli & Weiss
Modern Art Helmet Row: Ron Gorchov
eleven works executed between 2016 and 2018, the exhibition attests to Gorchov’s long-standing dedication both to painting itself, and to the particular lexicon of forms he has committed himself to over the last six decades
Pippy Houldsworth Gallery: Dean Levin: Soul Spirit Body
Skarstedt: David Salle: Musicality and Humour
vibrant paintings that showcase Salle’s continued preoccupation with “composition” - the process of establishing the relationships of everything in the painting to everything else
Sprüth Magers, Grafton St.: Reinhard Mucha: Full Take
employing a subtle sense of humor, Mucha creates sculptures and installations that seem to retain both time and history, and that the viewer will not forget quickly
The Gallery of Everything: STUDIES IN VERBERATION
a visual investigation into the memory of sound, featuring constructions by the seclusive French maker, ACM, alongside performative line drawings by Frankfurt-based draughtsman, Julius Bockelt
Whitechapel Gallery: Is This Tomorrow?

A arte Invernizzi: Niele Toroni
works which enter into a dialogue with the exhibition spaces, and an underlying concept based on the number twenty-five

New York
Gagosian Park & 75: Richard Wright
Wright’s site-specific, transient works unite painting with graphic and architectural elements, charging the spaces on which they are made with a fourth dimension
Jane Lombard Gallery: Lucy + Jorge Orta: Potential Architecture

Modern Art Oxford: Akram Zaatari: The Script
the renowned Lebanese artist explores his on-going fascination with how people choose to present themselves to the outside world - with the major new video work “The Script”, born out of his research into online content connected with the Arab world

Galerie Bernard Bouche: Luciano Fabro - Carlo Guaita - John Murphy - Gianni Caravaggio

New Art Centre: Gary Hume: Carvings
in the first exhibition to concentrate solely on Hume’s sculpture, he plays with the conventions of monumental marble sculpture, treating it with a mischievous sense of form and scale and indeed colour

São Paulo
Galeria Nara Roesler São Paulo: Roesler Hotel #29: Reflections on space and time
presented in partnership with kamel mennour, the 29th edition of the project features sculptures, installations and paintings that invite the public to reflect on the concept of space and the fleetingness of time

Barakat Contemporary: Robert Motherwell - Elegy
“Elegy to the Spanish Republic” became Motherwell’s most celebrated work, seen as the best example of the artist’s approach to Abstract Expressionist painting with a profound philosophical message about life and death

Lisson Gallery Shanghai: Love is Metaphysical Gravity
to inaugurate its new Shanghai space, an exhibition featuring Marina Abramović, Shirazeh Houshiary, Richard Long and Tatsuo Miyajima tying together works that go beyond the physical realm into the transcendental, mystical and metaphysical

Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery: Tom Polo: I still thought you were looking

Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz: Heinz Frank: The Angle of the End Always Comes from Behind
in the glass-fronted gallery, Frank will scrutinize the angles “of the end” - the room’s four corners - as well as the double-faced nature of images appearing on the boundaries between the space of art and the urban environment

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