GalleriesNow 30 Apr 2019
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David Richard Serpentine Sackler Skarstedt Hauser & Wirth
David Zwirner Mamco Galleria Anna Marra Blain|Southern

special events

Tue 30 Apr
New York, talk: Hauser & Wirth In Conversation: Piero Manzoni “Materials of His Time” and “Lines”

Wed 01 May
New York, talk: Simon Lee Angela Bulloch in Conversation with Piper Marshall
London, talk: Delfina Foundation Artist Talk: Food Regimes with Asunción Molinos Gordo

Thu 02 May
London, performance: Zabludowicz Collection Fani Parali: The Terrace of Lungs
Paris, special event: Fondation Cartier Nomadic Night. Immersion: Other Worlds video game room

Fri 03 May
Bruton, UK, talk: Hauser & Wirth In Conversation: Catherine Goodman and Lily Le Brun at Hauser & Wirth Somerset
New York, talk: Lehmann Maupin Tim Rollins and K.O.S.: Workshop Talk with Ian Berry and members of K.O.S.

Sat 04 May
London, performance: Zabludowicz Collection Fani Parali: The Terrace of Lungs
New York, special event: Sean Kelly Gallery Idris Khan: Blue Rhythms Artist walkthrough and breakfast
London, performance: Zabludowicz Collection Performance: Puppies Puppies
London, special event: Serpentine Sackler Gallery Power Tour: Disabled People Against Cuts
London, talk: Serpentine Sackler Gallery Saturday Talks: Amira Gad on Hito Steyerl
London, tour: Zabludowicz Collection World Receivers & Rachel Rossin: Stalking the Trace Taster Tour

Tue 07 May
Hong Kong, special event: Hauser & Wirth Reading Workshop: A Walk in Louise Bourgeois’s Dreams

Wed 08 May
London, GalleriesNow Collect talk #3 at Sotheby’s: Collecting ceramics and glass

exhibitions opening

Annely Juda Fine Art: Anthony Caro: Seven Decades
an exhibition of works by Sir Anthony Caro spanning seven decades of his career including early pieces from the 1950s through to his last works in 2013
Delfina Foundation: Asunción Molinos Gordo: Accumulation by Dispossession
curated by Dani Burrows, the first UK solo exhibition of Asunción Molinos Gordo explores the inequalities in the global food system
Drawing Room: Modern Nature
exploring our interaction and fascination with plants in relation to aspects of social change, personal well-being and scientific research
Flowers Gallery, Kingsland Road: Esther Teichmann: On Sleeping and Drowning
Flowers Gallery, Kingsland Road: Shen Wei
Modern Art Vyner Street: Peter Halley & Ugo Rondinone: Still
an exhibition bringing together key motifs within each artist’s practice, and marking the first time Halley and Rondinone have shown their work together
Patrick Heide Contemporary Art: Convergence. Recent works by Susan Schwalb and Caroline Kryzecki
Sprovieri: Emilio Prini: Colori
in collaboration with Archivio Emilio Prini
Tintype: Laura White: The Clever Girl Painter
three-dimensional entanglements of forms in which interactions are paramount
Zabludowicz Collection: Invites: Fani Parali
Parali uses text, song, audio recording, performers and physical props as materials to create (dis)embodied and otherworldly narratives exploring identity and absence

London auctions
Bonhams London, Knightsbridge:
Prints and Multiples Thu, 2 May (viewing 28 Apr-2 May)
Bonhams London, New Bond Street:
Modern and Contemporary Middle Eastern Art Wed, 1 May (viewing 25 Apr-1 May)
Sotheby’s London:
20th Century Art: Middle East Tue, 30 Apr (viewing 26-30 Apr)
The Orientalist Sale Tue, 30 Apr (viewing 25-30 Apr)

Los Angeles auctions
Bonhams Los Angeles:
Prints and Multiples Tue, 7 May (viewing 3-6 May)

Tolarno Galleries: Tim Maguire: Dice Abstracts

New York
Almine Rech New York: De Wain Valentine: Works from 1967 to present.
in his first exhibition at the gallery in New York, Valentine incarnates a key moment in the development of the LA art scene in the 60s and 70s - in parallel, and somewhat in opposition to New York-based Minimalism
Blain|Southern: Abdoulaye Konaté: Couleurs d’âme
Konaté’s first solo exhibition in the United States, and the inaugural exhibition of the new Blain|Southern New York space
Christine Park Gallery: Xyza Cruz Bacani: We Are Like Air
photographs by the Hong Kong-based Filipina artist examine the way migrant workers are often treated in every society
David Zwirner 20th St: Joan Mitchell: I carry my landscapes around with me
David Zwirner East 69th St: Chris Ofili: Dangerous Liaisons
Eva Presenhuber: Magali Reus
the gallery’s first solo exhibition with the London-based Dutch sculptor, whose works possess an innate organizational logic, absorbing the miscellany of the world’s material landscape and extracting a language of vital parts
Fergus McCaffrey: Martha Jungwirth
four bodies of work that showcase the Viennese artist’s distinct approach to abstraction and coloration, in the gallery’s first exhibition with the artist
Findlay Galleries: Gilles Gorriti
Gagosian 976 Madison Avenue: Desert Painters of Australia: Works from the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection of the University of Virginia and the Collection of Steve Martin and Anne Stringfield
a special exhibition of contemporary Indigenous Australian painting from two significant American collections
Gagosian Madison Avenue: Picasso’s Women: Fernande to Jacqueline. A tribute to John Richardson
paintings and sculptures that attest to the central role and influence of the many women in Picasso’s life
Gagosian West 21st St: Jeff Wall
Wall’s first exhibition with the gallery - with many works on view for the first time - shows how he has expanded the definition of the photograph, both as object and illusion
Galerie Buchholz: Henrik Olesen
GRIMM: Michael Raedecker: parade
fields of blue and grey and orange. Glows of light that seem to linger and exhale. There are dense, pooled shadows. They create spliced, penumbral spaces
Hales: Sunil Gupta: Christopher Street
Gupta’s first solo exhibition with the gallery shows the first set of photographs he made as a practicing artist, using the camera as a tool for open expression, cultivating a compelling practice which is simultaneously political and deeply personal
Halsey McKay Gallery: Lauren Luloff
Halsey McKay Gallery: Vanishing Act
with Colby Bird, David Kennedy Cutler, Victoria Fu & Matt Rich, Kara Hamilton, Sheree Hovsepian, Denise Kupferschmidt, Virginia Lee Montgomery, Francis Picabia, Eli Ping, Brie Ruais, Paul Mpagi Sepuya and Wilmer Wilson IV
Hollis Taggart: Knox Martin: Radical Structures
Martin’s practice, which spans nearly seven decades, has engaged with the conceptual and aesthetic underpinnings of a wide range of artistic movements, from Cubism to Abstract Expressionism to Pop Art
Lisson Gallery 10th Ave and W 24th St: Sean Scully: PAN
spanning both Lisson New York spaces, the exhibition features new paintings, large-scale sculpture and works on paper at 24th Street and a focus on the artist’s long-standing, but lesser known relationship with figuration at 10th Avenue
Luxembourg & Dayan New York: Irma Blank: Painting Between the Lines
Michael Rosenfeld Gallery: William T. Williams: 1970 at Frieze New York 2019
focusing on the pivotal year 1970 and highlighting a selection of seminal paintings and never-before-exhibited works on paper from the artist’s first mature series
Michael Rosenfeld Gallery: Norman Lewis: The Last Decade at Frieze New York 2019
paintings and works on paper created during the last decade of the artist’s life, reflecting two distinctive elements of Lewis’ abstract expressionist practice–calligraphic and atmospheric abstraction
Sean Kelly Gallery: Idris Khan: Blue Rhythms
a new body of paintings, photographs and sculpture that continue the artist’s investigation into the passage and collapse of time and its use within textual, musical and visual bodies
Serial Artists: Other Worlds: Glenn Goldberg, Bill Adams, Jennifer Sullivan, Annie Pearlman & Peter Schenck
Simon Lee New York: Angela Bulloch: “…then nothing turned itself inside-out and became something”
new Night Sky works, prints, sculptures and wall paintings in the British Canadian artist’s first exhibition at the New York space

New York auctions
Bonhams New York:
Modern & Contemporary African Art Thu, 2 May (viewing 25 Apr-2 May)
Sotheby’s New York:
The Sleep of Reason Fri, 3 May (viewing 3-14 May)

VNH Gallery: Candida Höfer, Paris: Faces des Espaces
new photographs, smaller formats, abstract and rarely shown, in an unprecedented dialogue with Höfer’s pictures of theatres, libraries and churches
VNH Gallery: Éléonore False: Needs
image fragments gleaned from books, cut and enlarged in a game of scale and volume to offer physical connections to the viewer, distinct with each work and using an unprecedented choice of colours

BERG Contemporary: Louder Than Bombs
a group exhibition - on the theme of silence - by three painters who engage closely as a group but who all work individually

Galerie Krinzinger: Mark Wallinger: Upside Down Inside Out Back to Front
paintings made since 2015, incorporating three distinct but related bodies of work, entirely hand-made and related to the proportions of the artist
Galerie Krinzinger: William Mackrell: Here is where we meet
working out of performance and an intense activation of materials and surface, Mackrell unravels a sense of animality in his approach to absence, sexuality, waiting and rebirth
Galerie Krinzinger: Radhika Khimji: Shift
Khimji playfully employs methods of construction on the surface of an image, intentionally destabilising the relationship between figure and ground to reassemble a fragmented body and make it abstract

Vienna auctions
Old Master Paintings Tue, 30 Apr (viewing 20-30 Apr)

new VR views

new immersive VR views

Florian Krewer @ Michael Werner Gallery, Mayfair
Leon Kossoff @ Timothy Taylor
Massimo Vitali @ Mazzoleni
Ugo Mulas @ Robilant + Voena, London
Anton Ginzburg @ Helwaser Gallery
Alicja Kwade @ 303 Gallery
Inaugural Exhibition @ Skarstedt 64th St
Emma Kunz with Christodoulos Panayiotou @ Serpentine Gallery
Robert Murray @ David Richard Gallery
Michael Dixon @ David Richard Gallery

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exhibitions closing

Bruton, UK
Hauser & Wirth Somerset: Catherine Goodman: Eve
new works by the British artist whose practice includes expressionistic landscapes, vigorous sketches and experimental collages
Hauser & Wirth Somerset: Matthew Day Jackson: Pathetic Fallacy
Jackson’s continued investigation into society’s relationship with its natural environment haunts the exhibition, which is interspersed with collaborations with his family and the local community

Mamco: René Daniëls: Fragments from an Unfinished Novel
the exhibition explores the phenomenon of déjà vu and the relationship between perception and memory at the heart of Daniëls’ practice
Mamco: A Collection of Spaces
on one hand are artworks which have entered the museum’s collection, and on the other, new spaces dedicated to archives and curated in collaboration with artists
Mamco: Marcia Hafif: Inventaire
a selection of drawings and canvases produced by Hafif as early as 1972 and belonging to the corpus which the artist has entitled “the Inventory”

Hong Kong
David Zwirner, Hong Kong: Neo Rauch: Propaganda
Massimo De Carlo, Hong Kong: Elmgreen & Dragset: Overheated
industrial tubes of various sizes and colors crisscross throughout the space, re-directing the visitors’ movements into new patterns

Zilberman Gallery: A Highlight of “Habituation”
a section of Selçuk Artut’s solo exhibition “Habituation” on view at the gallery in Berlin
Zilberman Gallery: Zeynep Kayan: Temporary Sameness
Kayan focuses on exploring the variations of a repetitious structural setup through photography, video and sound pieces in relation to portraiture and performance

Achille Salvagni Atelier: Sahara
earthy tones pervade the space, a glowing environment punctuated by drops of orange, amber and blue and dominated by shapes evoking life in the desert
Blain|Southern, Hanover Sq: Bill Viola: Intimate Works
small-screen works in an intimate context to reflect on the complex details of human relations and our attachment to the material world
Hayward Gallery: Kader Attia: The Museum of Emotion
Attia’s first UK survey exhibition traces several strands of the artist’s playful and thought-provoking work from the past two decades, questioning our ideas about wholeness and injury, authenticity and repair, belonging and otherness
Hayward Gallery: diane arbus: in the beginning
more than 100 photographs - many never before exhibited in Europe - covering the first seven years of photographer Diane Arbus’ career
Lisson Gallery: Spencer Finch: No Ordinary Blue
compelled by what he describes as “the impossible desire to see oneself seeing”, Finch holds up a prism between the outer world and inner thought
Lisson Gallery: Channa Horwitz: Rules of the Game
Horwitz’ visually complex and systematic works represent motion across time through structured, linear progressions
l’étrangère: What branches grow out of this stony rubbish?
work by three artists who each respond to pressing ecological concerns, including anthropogenic climate change, the catastrophic impact of our reliance on concrete, and the over-production of waste through consumerism and industrial capitalism
Paul Stolper: conversation piece
conversation piece: noun - painting or object whose unusual quality makes it a topic of conversation reflecting the peculiarities of the geographic and cultural space in which it was made
Repetto Gallery: Threading Spaces
more than twenty artworks by Nedda Guidi, Elisabetta Gut, Maria Lai and Franca Sonnino, who all worked in Rome during the 70s and 80s
Serpentine Sackler Gallery: Hito Steyerl: Power Plants
the artist and film-maker’s new project considers power and inequality in society, mapping unequal wealth distribution in the communities surrounding the Serpentine, which has been recorded as one of the most socially uneven areas in Europe

Chemould Prescott Road: Lavanya Mani: Signs Taken for Wonders

New York
David Richard Gallery: Robert Murray: 3D and 2D Works
large sculptures and two-dimensional artworks from 1967 to 2016
David Richard Gallery: Michael Dixon: I, Too, Sing America
in his first solo exhibition in New York, self-portraits that explore blackness; the value of black bodies in America; historic violence against those bodies; and the artist’s feelings as a bi-racial Black man
Hollis Taggart 507 W 27th St: Hollis Heichemer: Happenstance
a selection of Heichemer’s vibrant abstract oil paintings, produced between 2017 and 2019, in the gallery’s first exhibition of works by the artist
Leila Heller Gallery: Inaugural Exhibition
Michael Rosenfeld Gallery: William T. Williams: 1970 at Frieze New York 2019
focusing on the pivotal year 1970 and highlighting a selection of seminal paintings and never-before-exhibited works on paper from the artist’s first mature series
Michael Rosenfeld Gallery: Norman Lewis: The Last Decade at Frieze New York 2019
paintings and works on paper created during the last decade of the artist’s life, reflecting two distinctive elements of Lewis’ abstract expressionist practice–calligraphic and atmospheric abstraction
Serial Artists: Other Worlds: Glenn Goldberg, Bill Adams, Jennifer Sullivan, Annie Pearlman & Peter Schenck
Skarstedt 64th St: Inaugural Exhibition
marking the opening of Skarstedt’s second Upper East Side gallery, founder Per Skarstedt has selected works by more than twenty artists, spanning some three generations, to create his first exhibition

Jeanne Bucher Jaeger, Marais: Hanns Schimansky: L’Espace de la ligne
“The melodic and rhythmic scores that are Hanns Schimansky’s drawings are not abstractions, nor are they the manifestation, “captured” by the eye, of the existence that surrounds us, but rather seismic expressions of being” - Eugen Blume
Jeanne Bucher Jaeger, St Germain: Atmo(Sphères)
a show on the theme of the sphere with paper constellations between Earth and Heaven, works by artists including Youla Chapoval, Max Ernst, Fernand Léger, Joan Miró, Rui Moreira, Hans Reichel, Hanns Schimansky, Susumu Shingu, Árpád Szenes and Mark Tobey
kamel mennour, r. du Pont de Lodi: Caravaggio "Judith and Holofernes" / Daniel Buren "Pyramidal, Haut-Relief-A5, Travail situé"
Caravaggio’s exceptional painting, presented for the first time in France, together with Buren’s site-specific work

Galleria Anna Marra: Maria Elisabetta Novello, Christoph Weber | FRAGILE earth and sky, handle with care
curated by Giorgia Gastaldon, a dialogue between the works of two artists who do not usually work with traditional sculptural materials

Galerie Ernst Hilger: Andreas Leikauf: sometimes we fall, sometimes we float
Galerie Ruberl: Schwerpunkt Arnulf Rainer zum 90. Geburtstag
mumok: Painting with Method. Neoavantgarde Positions from the mumok Collection

Christophe Guye Galerie: Miles Aldridge: Screenprints, Polaroids and Drawings
Hauser & Wirth Zürich: Dieter Roth and Franz West
this joint exhibition of two modern masters marks the first time these creative pioneers have been exhibited together in this context, exploring their similarities and juxtaposing their artistic processes to present their practice in a new light

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