Gazelli Art House announces a programme of online events in conjunction with the gallery’s latest exhibition

Taking place every Thursday from 25 March to 15 April 2021, the gallery will host one of the four artists presented in Curtain Twitching - Adam de Boer, Khaleb Brooks, Max Prus & Niyaz Najafov - with each one discussing the processes and motivations for their works.

On Thursday 25 March, Niyaz Najafov will present a workshop in his Paris studio. The following Thursday, 1 April, Adam de Boer will conduct a Batik workshop delving into his Eurasian ancestry and traditions from the region. On 8 April, Max Prus will screen an exclusive film with a backing track of self-made music where he returns to the seaside areas of Norfolk seen in his 2020-2021 works. Finally, on 15 April, Khaleb Brooks will perform a piece on identity at the Dover Street gallery where guests will be able watch from the outside in. Follow the gallery on Instagram to access the events.

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