Laure Genillard Gallery

Established: 1988

Laure Genillard is a private contemporary art space in Fitzrovia, London. With an extensive history in the London art scene, the gallery’s intention is to engage both selective audiences and a wider, inquisitive community.

Exhibiting artists range from the established, many of whom have a lasting working relationship with Laure Genillard, to young and emerging artists whose work aims to exceed commonplace categorisations. The programme is led by a desire to tacitly overlap successive exhibitions, generating dialogue between the various artistic generations and their highly diverse practices. That being said, the programme seeks to be impromptu and un-authoritative, and the merits that might arise from Laure Genillard’s exhibitions will always remain ambiguous.

The gallery has a dynamic relationship with independent curators including Rozemin Keshvani, Hana Noorali and Lynton Talbot amongst others. Accompanying such curated group and solo exhibitions have been a series of publications, film screenings, artist talks and live performances. Laure Genillard first opened in Foley Street in 1988, bringing a keen eye on developments in abstract and conceptual art, elaborating on 70’s minimal art practices and discourses. The gallery moved to a larger space on Clerkenwell Road in 1997, soon to become well-known for its large installations and for allowing artists the freedom to engage directly with the space. Its third location saw a return to Fitzrovia where it now resides at 2 Hanway Place.

Laure Genillard has been seminal to the practices of several British artists, whose work first showcased at her gallery, including Catherine Yass, Fiona Banner, Martin Creed, Peter Doig, Gillian Wearing, Simon Starling as well as many artists from Europe such as Maurizio Cattelan and Sylvie Fleury amongst others.

Current Exhibitions


Laure Genillard Gallery

2 Hanway Place
London , UK
+44 20 7323 2327
Open: Wed-Sat 1pm-6pm

2 Hanway Place, W1T 1HB, London, UK
Open: Wed-Sat 1pm-6pm


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