John Martin Gallery

Operating from Mayfair since 1992 and since 2021 at Cromwell Place, South Kensington, the John Martin Gallery represents established international artists, artist estates as well as providing a platform for emerging painters and sculptors.

John Martin Gallery represents Mark Adlington, John Caple, Richard Cartwright, Francis Hamel, Neale Howells, Mario Lobedan, Anne Magill, Barry McGlashan, Leon Morrocco, Olivia Musgrave, Makiko Nakamura, Melita Denaro, Martin Finnin, Andrew Gifford, Gennadii Gogoliuk, William Peers, Heidrun Rathgeb, Uwe Walther and Fred Yates.

Current Exhibitions

Forthcoming Exhibitions


John Martin Gallery

38 Albemarle Street
United Kingdom

Open: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm


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