HdM GALLERY is a leading contemporary art gallery with a special focus on Contemporary Chinese Art. It opened its first space in Beijing in 2009 - the success of which lead to the opening of a second space in London in 2018. Founders and partners Hadrien de Montferrand, Laurent Dassault, and Olivier Hervet have garnered over 20 years of experience and understanding of the art market in China, witnessing first-hand China’s rapidly evolving art ecosystem. HdM GALLERY proudly represents a wealth of emerging Chinese artists amongst which are He An, Chen Han, Lu Chao and Wang Yi, using its expertise to nurture and develop their careers. Exhibiting regularly at prominent fairs such as Art Brussels, Art Geneva and Art Basel Hong Kong, HdM introduces contemporary Chinese artists to a worldwide collector base and broadens the perception, understanding and appreciation of these engaging works. Since its opening, HdM has evolved to work with noted Western artists as well – often exhibiting their works alongside their Chinese contemporaries, thus creating new cultural connections through this previously unexplored approach. The result is an exhibition program with a unique and thought-provoking fusion of influences which Hadrien de Montferrand defines as ‘international with a strong Chinese DNA’. Western artists such as Romain Bernini, Manuel Mathieu and Barthélémy Toguo are currently represented by HdM GALLERY.


Current Exhibitions


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