Each Modern

Established in Taipei in 2018, Each Modern aims to promote Asian postwar and international contemporary art by creating new regional and global dialogues.

The gallery has brought young generations closer to Asian postwar arts. Past important gallery programs include the first UK avant-garde artist Li YuanChia, important post-war Taiwan artist Chen TingShih, the iconic “Provoke” photographers Nakahira Takuma and Moriyama Daido, Japanese female photographer Ishiuchi Miyako, key member of Mono-ha Suga Kishio, Taiwanese post-war photographer Teng NanKuang, rediscovery of photorealism artist Hilo Chen, and avant-garde artist Hou ChunMing . Each Modern also represents young Taiwanese artists: Chang TingTong, Tseng ChienYing, Wu MeiChi and São Paulo based Lin YiHsuan, while collaborates with international artists Antone Könst, Egan Frantz, Hell Gette, and Felix Treadwell; Chinese artists Zhao Gang, Xu Jiong, and Xu Qu. Each Modern has been invited to curate multiple projects and shows at prestigious institutions, including “Moriyama Daido: Light Comes Again” Beijing, “Nakahira Takuma” Hong Kong, “Ueda Shoji: Retrospective” Taipei, ”Lin YiHsuan: We are Turtles”, “Zhao Gang 21st Supports/ ColorLumps as Anthropography of History”, and “PROVOKE – Opposing Centrism”at Kundu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei.


Current Exhibitions


Each Modern

3F, 97 Sec. 2 DunHua S. Road
+886 2 2752 7002

Open: Tue-Sat 12.30-6.30pm


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