Christine Park Gallery

Christine Park Gallery is a young gallery dedicated to supporting both emerging and established international artists. Located in West Chelsea, New York’s burgeoning art hotspot, the gallery has an extensive programme of solo shows, conceptually curated group exhibitions, and special installations. With a constantly developing roster of innovative artists the gallery prides itself on exhibiting works in a range of media, seeking to provoke cross-disciplinary debate and extend the boundaries of the current contemporary art scene.


Christine Park Gallery

515 West 23rd Street
NY 10011
New York , USA
+1 212 206 1213
Open: 11am-6pm Tue-Sat

515 West 23rd Street, NY 10011, New York, USA
Open: 11am-6pm Tue-Sat


Forthcoming Exhibitions

at present the archive of over 10,000 exhibitbions is only available to the GalleriesNow membership programme.

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