Brun Fine Art

Brun Fine Art is an international fine art gallery based in Milan, London, and Florence. The first gallery was founded in Milan in 1993 under the name ‘Il Quadrifoglio’ by August Brun, who was motivated since the beginning by a genuine passion for art and objects of the highest quality. Through his gallery, Mr Brun introduced an ever-growing client base to wonderful works of art, guiding them through a dense and fascinating combination of periods and movements, ranging from 16th to 20th century art. His brother Marco joined the gallery in 2003, further enriching Brun Fine Art with his strength, energy, and competitive spirit.

After many years working in the field, the Bruns decided to expand their business by opening another gallery in London, at number 38 on the prestigious Old Bond Street, and a third exhibition space in a Palazzo in the historical centre of Florence. The Florence gallery, based in Palazzo Larderel and opened in 2015, was the perfect opportunity for Augusto and Marco Brun to capture in a single location the historical appearance and feeling of those original antiques galleries, conceived in the 16th century, as both the antiquarian’s home and a busy marketplace for the finest art objects. In 2014, Augusto and Marco inaugurated the gallery in London as a brand new exhibition space with a stronger curatorial focus. Indeed, it is the London space where the most important gallery exhibitions have been presented to the public, thus establishing Brun Fine Art’s presence in the international art scene.

Brun Fine Art believes these is no clear distinction between all the aspects of artistic creativity – an idea that can be traced back to the greatest artists and men of letters of the Renaissance, who were often-times painters, sculptors, architects, as well as historians and art experts. With the same artistic ideal in mind, today at the Brun Fine Art galleries Augusto and Marco seek out marble sculptures, bronzes, paintings, furniture, decorative objects of absolute quality and beauty, and release regularly fully illustrated and researched catalogues of the finest pieces. Due to Augusto and Marco’s genuine interest in materials such as wood, terracotta, marble, and bronze, sculptures and antique furniture have become the Brun Fine Art’s specialisation. Dating between the 15th and the 20th century, objects of great quality such as Roman Carrara marble busts, Florentine Pietra Dura tables, early Venetian armchairs, and finely carved gilded wooden console tables with rare polychrome marble tops, have all passed through the galleries’ doors and been appreciated by visitors, collectors, and art connoisseurs.

Current Exhibitions


Brun Fine Art

38 Old Bond Street
London , UK
+44 20 7493 0195
Open: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

38 Old Bond Street, W1S 4QW, London, UK
Open: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm


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