Annka Kultys Gallery

ANNKA KULTYS is a commercial contemporary art gallery located in East London owned by Annka Kultys. It first opened its doors to the public in September 2015. The gallery’s programme features young international artists interspersed with historically researched exhibitions, such as Desire of the Other, a critique of contemporary collecting, and Dash Snow Hello, this is Dash, the artist’s first solo exhibition in London. Yearly, the gallery also puts on a group exhibition with selected recently graduated artists, enabling them to have a first gallery show shortly after completing their studies. The first edition, Cacotopia, was presented in January 2017. On a regular basis, the gallery collaborates with London art schools such as the Chelsea College of Arts and Central Saint Martin, where its artists give talks, as well as Goldsmiths University, where Annka Kultys tutors MFA students.


02 May - opening reception
Christiane Peschek

6pm-8pm Annka Kultys Gallery

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Annka Kultys Gallery

472 Hackney Road, Unit 9
E2 9EQ
United Kingdom
+44 20 3302 6070

Open: Wed-Sat 12-6pm


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