Chris Martin joins Timothy Taylor

Born in 1954, the Brooklyn-based artist Chris Martin makes vibrant works animated by a spirit of radical experimentation, from glittering paintings to delicate watercolors and foil-encrusted collages in rainbows of psychedelic colour. Martin blends elements of Abstract Expressionism and geometric forms freely with references to music, pop culture, astrology, and Eastern and Western forms of spirituality and mysticism. This alchemic approach reflects the artist’s personal outlook on painting: that art can and should reflect the kaleidoscope nature of contemporary life today. As such, his paintings often seem keyed into the synapses of our shared imagination, intuitively reflecting the quirks, obsessions, and fascinations of our time.

In April 2020, Martin curated the online exhibition Painting the Essential: New York, 1980 – Present for Timothy Taylor, featuring works by Martin's friends and peers in the artistic community of downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn in the 1980s, united by their exuberant use of colour, focus on process and intuition, and inventive approach to different forms of media.

The artist’s inaugural exhibition of new paintings with the gallery will take place at Timothy Taylor, London in May 2022.

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