Artist Spotlight: Liz Larner

In this exhibition, you bring together ceramic asteroids which float in outer space, with plastic floating on the surface of the earth. Can you discuss why you were drawn to each of these and the interplay between ceramic and plastic?

In 2019, there was an incident where an asteroid passed by us quickly and didn't hit us. But we didn't realize it was about to hit us, or could have hit us, until after it had already passed. This seemed evidential of a contingency of the limits of our technology and blind luck. A blindness that kept us feeling safe and gave relief after the fact of something that did not happen. It caused a sense of simultaneous hope and fear in me, a feeling that I don’t have the words to describe.

During this time, I was thinking about plastic, and how asteroids are this thing that we cannot control. And our plastic use is theoretically something that we could control. In thinking about these two different kinds of potential catastrophes, it made me want to bring them together to create an impossible landscape, a seascape or skyscape at once. The exhibition brings together two places that can never actually be together.

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