Artangel Co-Directors announce decision to step down

James Lingwood and Michael Morris, who have been the renowned art commissioning body’s Co-Directors for 30 years have announced that they are to step down in 2022.

The organisation - which has produced over 125 projects including such notable works as Rachel Whiteread’s House, Matthew Barney’s Cremaster 4, Michael Landy’s Breakdown, Jeremy Deller’s The Battle of Orgreave, Gregor Schneider’s Die Familie Schneider, Francis Alÿs’s Seven Walks and Roger Hiorns’s Seizure - will begin the recruitment of a new Director immediately.

Lingwood and Morris said: “It’s been a rollercoaster ride, without always knowing when the track is about to loop. Working like this demands great faith from artists, angels, our staff and board, funders, and friends too. Without their belief, Artangel could not have thrived over the past three decades and our most memorable projects would never have seen the light of day. We’ll be stepping off the rollercoaster at the end of 2022. Artangel will move forward, imagined afresh under new leadership. We’re excited to see what happens next.”

Photograph: Geraint Lewis, 2001

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