David Juda celebrates 50 years working with artists

photo of Annely and David JudaAnnely and David Juda in 1985

At Annely Juda Fine Art we have just installed a beautiful exhibition of 50 artists that we have shown over the last 50 years. I do not believe it’s necessary to blow one’s own trumpet as the 50 years just happened, but I am incredibly proud of the artists’ work that we have shown.

50 Years, 50 Artists

50 Years, 50 Artists” at Annely Juda Fine Art“50 Years, 50 Artists” at Annely Juda Fine Art

This exhibition is an incredible mix of Russian Constructivists, de Stijl or Bauhaus next to established and young artists from all over the world.

It marks the rich history of the gallery, which has been a stalwart and influential space for artists and visitors since its opening in Tottenham Mews, central London.

When my mother started the gallery and I joined her in 1968 it had never been important to her where the artist came from and how well known or unknown they were. Our job was to show good art well and if we have somehow succeeded a bit in this, that’s all that’s necessary.

50 Years, 50 Artists” at Annely Juda Fine Art“50 Years, 50 Artists” at Annely Juda Fine Art

The full list of the artists includes: Roger Ackling, Max Bill, Anthony Caro, Alan Charlton, Eduardo Chillida, Christo, Prunella Clough, Alexandra Exter, Lesley Foxcroft, Gloria Friedmann, Katsura Funakoshi, Naum Gabo, Stefan Gec, Sheila Girling, Philipp Goldbach, Alan Green, June Green, Nigel Hall, Werner Haypeter, David Hockney, Sigrid Holmwood, Peter Kalkhof, Tadashi Kawamata, Gustav Klucis, Leon Kossoff, Edwina Leapman, Catherine Lee, Kasimir Malevich, Kenneth Martin, Mary Martin, John McLaughlin, Michael Michaeledes, László Moholy-Nagy, François Morellet, David Nash, Lucia Nogueira, Sarah Oppenheimer, Liubov Popova, Edda Renouf, Alan Reynolds, Alexander Rodchenko, Yoshishige Saito, Kazuo Shiraga, Yuko Shiraishi, Suzanne Treister, Lun Tuchnowski, Georges Vantongerloo, Friedrich Vordemberge- Gildewart, Graham Williams and Katsuhiro Yamaguchi.

David and Annely Juda in 1997David and Annely in 1997

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