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GalleriesNow are delighted to feature Almine Rech's exclusive selection of ten great exhibitions on now around the world.

Almine Rech's first exhibition in Paris in 1989 was the first time a European gallery had presented James Turrell's light work. Five years later, Almine Rech opened her own gallery in the 13th arrondissement. In 2006 the gallery moved to a larger two-floor space in the Marais district and has since expanded to spaces in Brussels (2008), London (2014) and New York (2016) with the inaugural exhibition "Calder and Picasso".

In addition to its stable of internationally recognized, mid-career and emerging artists, it has always been Almine Rech Gallery's mission to seek out and include new artists in its program. The gallery has held longstanding relationships with artists like John McCracken and James Turrell and has since started working with and representing artists such as Günther Förg, Mark Hagen, Alex Israel, Jeff Koons, Bertrand Lavier, Richard Prince, Julian Schnabel, Taryn Simon and DeWain Valentine, among others.

John Armleder, Split! at Museo di Capodimonte


John Armleder, Split!
Museo di Capodimonte, Naples

"For this exhibition, John M Armleder tasked himself with an extremely interesting experiment in terms of both artistic creation and overall exhibition design. To create such a large work that interacts and encourages dialogue with an Alberto Burri is such a challenge for any artist and Armleder’s work achieves such a wonderful sense of presence."

Picasso 1932 at Musée Picasso


Picasso 1932
Musée Picasso, Paris

"All works are dated 1932!!! With such a degree of focus on a specific year of art making within the larger oeuvre of one of the most influential artists in human history, Picasso 1932 reveals how an artist develops, evolves, and transforms even within the short span of 365 days! Amazing!"

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Etre moderne: Le MoMA à Paris at Fondation Louis Vuitton


Etre moderne: Le MoMA à Paris
Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris

"The very concept of the exhibition is interesting from a curatorial perspective, since the show brings together so many fabulous masterpieces for a truly astonishing result. Since the exhibition only presents one work per artist, the curation is simultaneously scientifically precise and comprehensive, so much so that the diversity of work creates a viewing experience that is nothing short of intense."

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Tarik Kiswanson at Musée Gallo-Romain


Musée Gallo-Romain, Saint-Romain-En-Gal, Vienne

"I have always found Tarik’s practice to be distinct in its multi-media study of intra and inter-personal narratives and histories. This new exhibition explores systems and power structures that the art world takes for granted from conservation to re-composition to restoration to recreation, when these acts often transmute or definitively alter the original nature and cultural connotations of the works and objects."

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POP ART - Icons that matter at Musée Maillol


POP ART - Icons that matter. Collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
Musée Maillol, Paris

"A comprehensive overview of the Pop Art Movement from the collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art and a great addition to any FIAC visit."

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Julian Schnabel at Hall Art Foundation | Schloss Derneburg Museum


Julian Schnabel
Hall Art Foundation | Schloss Derneburg Museum, Derneburg

"I was drawn to this exhibition of Julian’s work inside of the architecture of Schloss Derneburg. Julian’s work thrives in a spatial and contextual milieu designed to imbibe his work with a resonance for his viewers."

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Joe Bradley at Rose Art Museum


Joe Bradley
Rose Art Museum, Waltham, Massachusetts

"Joe Bradley at the Rose Art Museum is truly remarkable because of the important number of major two dimensional paintings reunited for the exhibition and the presence of sculptural works rarely viewed displayed together."

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Ways of Seeing at Fondation Boghossian


Ways of Seeing
Fondation Boghossian, Brussels

"Based on John Berger’s seminal text The Ways of Seeing, this exhibition explores the ways that artists reconstitute our world through their visions of our shared reality. For me, Kim Tschang Yeul and James Turrell are two artists that have altered and furthered our vision of contemporary art and its embodiment of our world and both will have work in this exhibition."

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Ryoji Ikeda - test pattern [N ̊12] at Store Studios


Ryoji Ikeda - test pattern [N ̊12]
Store Studios, London

"Ryoji’s test pattern [N°12] is such an amazing piece that attracts the public with an almost magnetic presence. Viewers are drawn to the work because of the sheer physical presence of the work that completely engulfs you as the viewer and listener."

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Taryn Simon: Paperwork and the Will of Capital at Musée d’Art Contemporain


Taryn Simon: Paperwork and the Will of Capital
Musée d’Art Contemporain, Montréal

"The enigma of political power has been a source of inspiration for artists for generations but Taryn Simon’s examination of floral bouquets that ceremonially mark critical moments in human history, from treaty signings to political accords, draws into question the role of the very symbols of power."

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